About us


Who we are and what we stand for

PROTAC is the tactical branch of The Gemini Group and was founded by experienced security and business consultants with more than 20 years of experience. Our main focus is and will always be, our clients safety and wishes. We take pride in delivering a qualitative and professional service to high-end clients, all over the world.

PROTAC in specific organizes courses upon requests and regularly arranges tailored tactical training in Poland. We also offer to arrange customized training at your location upon request.

As one of the providers in our segment, we can offer a complete package for our VIP clients. This means we can do all the analysis, risk assessments, investigation, surveillance and the actual protection work.

Many of our clients are high profile names with families and estates to keep in mind. That’s why they choose PROTAC / GEMINI – our team is focused on the client from a 360 degrees angle, and we are offering full service 24/7 protection of VIP clients with family and on-site with all necessary permits and the most up to date training.

All of our employees has at least 10 years experience, all the permits required in any given country the job is and does regularly strategic and tactical training.